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The Southern Reaches


The Land Between The Lands
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Events/ Updates


This is our opportunity to describe
 the Events we are holding and any
updates to this website. 

Ragnarok XIX
The End is Near, June 20-26, 2004
See the Links page for the way to
Ragnarok, the world's largest foam combat event, the largest Dagorhir event, and last, certainly not least, the larget live action Tolkien based event in the world!!

Special Events
Special Events can be described as non
 -weekly operations, such as: feasts, weekend
 events, and single day tournaments

It is with great sadness we announce that our Webmaster and General, Eöl, Mornir ó Nan Elmoth, is leaving us. It would seem that Elmoth is now a recognized Realm, Good Luck Eöl, Prince of Elmoth, with all your endeavors, you are always welcome in I Hyarmenya Arda. You and all the denizens of Elmoth will always be recognized members here in The Southern Reaches.  My Brother, call upon me and I will do all I can to aid you.

These will be done
as needed, and will
not include minor
items, or member

February 16, 2004
It's been awhile so take a
look around, much has changed
April 22, 2004
Total revamp of the Warriors
in Action Page
May 18, 2004
bits and pieces, mainly
this page

Have a look at the Dagorhir Events Page