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The Southern Reaches
The Land Between The Lands
Warriors In Action
Where Are We
The Land Between The Lands


The Land Between the Lands

Mittelmarch... The Southern Reaches... One mans account of strange happenings.

without further adew... Monsignor Barthalomew

The year of our lord: 376

March 3

My congregation appears restless, some are saying the livestock is acting peculiarly, and for some reason, all of the nobles have vanished. Such a curiosity, I know not what to make of it all.

Mon. Barthalomew

March 7

Strange happenings abound!! several members have claimed to see an odd purplish green mist, and each morning afterwards, some people turn up missing.  Thus far almost a full score of men, women, and children are missing.


April 13

It is Lucifer and his minions at work, of seventeen hundred in our village, only but a handful remain, perhaps 4 men, and a few children, all the women are gone., we now fear this strange mist knowing not what it does to men. God help us and strike down thy sheep's enemy. Our existance may depend on it...


April 13

I am going to investigate further tonight, this mist. I must if I am going to save my children, they need me in this our most dire hour.... going to rest now, as I will need my strength this evening When I asoke, I sought council with the Duke. He agreed that we needed to inspect the happenings. Quickly fetch Edwin and Sedru, bring them here. As we returned, Duke Ewan had been going through the armoury, pulling out a shirt of maille and hauberk for all of us, we began donning the chain. He then led us to the weapons room, where the others took swords and I my mace. We now sit outside the edges of town awaiting this mysterious mist. The forest is utterly silent, foreboding ill. Even as I write these words I can see the mist forming, a slightly greenish hint in a lavender fog.


Unknown Date

My last entry into my journal is also my last memory, I have no idea where I am, I see no Oak trees, just small evergreens. the air about me is fresh, yet I am afraid. I am alone, I hope my friends are alive.


A.M. 2 days

I have decided to mark my days here "After Mist." I have stumbled into a strange wilderness with many lifeforms I have never heard of before. I have seen signs of human life, but no men. I sit now beside a track, I hope will lead me to some assistance


A.M. 1 week

I now sit in my room at an Inn, my arms traded away for my rent. This town is called Mittelmarch, and has many Germanic residents. I spoke at length with a man called Alric, for whom the peoples here had much reverance, He told me tales of fright similar to my own.  No one knows what really happened, but all remember the mists, and then being here. We dont know if we are on Earth, or somewhere else, but all these brave men I have met are bound by an oath to find everyone a way home. Alric has told me of another village away to south, about a week's journey.


A.M. 1 week and 2 days

I have traveled uneventfully for two days and I have come upon a huge marshland, I am going to stay here tonight and continue in the morning.


A.M. one month

It has been long since I wrote my thoughts, but this is the first time I have felt safe to do so. after I entered the Marsh, I was set upon by Orcs.  While fleeing from them I lost my way and found that I must steal away whenever I can, in the hopes I might lose my hunters. While sleeping in some underbrush, during the daylight, as Orcs are known to be night livers, a man found me, and fed me. His name was Dhugal.  He and his men escorted me safely to The Southern Reaches, as I soon found this town was called. After I gave news of the north, Dhugal explained to me that we were in, what most of these people called "The Land Between the Lands," and there was many more dangers out there than Orcs...

Mosignor Barthalomew


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